MetroCity, LLC approaches each client relationship as a “partnership.” We are involved and accessible to our clients and we take the time to listen and to understand special needs. MetroCity, LLC experience and versatility allow us to go beyond predictable solutions with innovation, insight, and creativity. This approach has successfully earned the support and trust of the clients which we have had the privilege to service. We enjoy our work and our clients, and take pride in our commitment to our profession.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the following clients:

Following is a list of some of our projects:

Project Description Contract Amt Owner
City Hall Plaza West Decorative Paving, Landscaping and Lighting  $                   499,000.00 City of Galveston
Upside Sportsplex 11,800sf’ Buildling Addition  $                1,363,789.00 Upside Sportsplex
Starbuck Woodhead and Richmond Civil Paving and Storm  $                   350,000.00 Starbucks
HTX Gym 17,500′ Multi-sport Gym  $                1,100,000.00 HTX Gym, LLC
Turtle Creek Paving and Drainage Paving and Drainage  $                2,260,373.00 City of Missouri City
Quail Valley Waterline Waterline  $                   894,280.00 City of Quail Valley
White Oak Bayou Low Impact Development Reconstruction  $                1,675,738.00 City of Houston
Eastside Drainage Improvements Paving and Drainage  $                2,470,915.00 City of Dickinson
Bayou Chantily Drainage Improvements Paving and Drainage  $                1,730,808.00 City of Dickinson
Thomas Ave Trunk Line Storm Trunk Line  $                1,923,503.20 City of Pasadena
2015 Concrete Pavement Improvements Paving and Drainage  $                7,371,639.00 City of Humble
Lakefield Subdivision Reconstruction  $                3,125,707.00 City of Sugarland
Waterline Improvement Phase 1 Waterline  $                   631,346.00 City of Deer Park
Rusking and West College Rehabilitation Reconstruction  $                   627,655.00 City of West University Place
Baker Road Reconstruction Reconstruction  $                   546,489.00 City of Friendswood
Garner Road Booster Pumps Mechancal  $                1,199,297.00 City of Pasadena