Projects List

Following is a list of some of our projects:

Project Description Contract Amt Owner
City Hall Plaza West Decorative Paving, Landscaping and Lighting  $                   499,000.00 City of Galveston
Upside Sportsplex 11,800sf’ Buildling Addition  $                1,363,789.00 Upside Sportsplex
Starbuck Woodhead and Richmond Civil Paving and Storm  $                   350,000.00 Starbucks
HTX Gym 17,500′ Multi-sport Gym  $                1,100,000.00 HTX Gym, LLC
Turtle Creek Paving and Drainage Paving and Drainage  $                2,260,373.00 City of Missouri City
Quail Valley Waterline Waterline  $                   894,280.00 City of Quail Valley
White Oak Bayou Low Impact Development Reconstruction  $                1,675,738.00 City of Houston
Eastside Drainage Improvements Paving and Drainage  $                2,470,915.00 City of Dickinson
Bayou Chantily Drainage Improvements Paving and Drainage  $                1,730,808.00 City of Dickinson
Thomas Ave Trunk Line Storm Trunk Line  $                1,923,503.20 City of Pasadena
2015 Concrete Pavement Improvements Paving and Drainage  $                7,371,639.00 City of Humble
Lakefield Subdivision Reconstruction  $                3,125,707.00 City of Sugarland
Waterline Improvement Phase 1 Waterline  $                   631,346.00 City of Deer Park
Rusking and West College Rehabilitation Reconstruction  $                   627,655.00 City of West University Place
Baker Road Reconstruction Reconstruction  $                   546,489.00 City of Friendswood
Garner Road Booster Pumps Mechancal  $                1,199,297.00 City of Pasadena