SDTF and IED Training Courses


Iraqi Police Academies




Basrah, Mosul and Sulamuniyah

The Station Defense Training Facility (SDTF) and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED Training Course) is the flagship of Iraqi Police Academies, training facilities throughout Iraq. These Highly successful SDTF and IED Training Courses located at various cities throughout Iraq. These projects were all part of the same task order to build new. After receiving highly competitive bids from very reputable local firms we were able to manage the separate Iraqi subcontractors while completing all construction on time and under budget.

As a result of this cost savings to the client the scope was increased. With the additional available contract funds MCC was able to upgrade to more permanent road surfaces throughout the facilities again on time and under budget. MCC workforce was nearly 98% Iraqi including architects, site managers, engineers, site security, skilled craftsman and laborers.

The coalition and Iraqi forces have been occupying these commissioned buildings and infrastructure May of 2006.

During the course of the SDTF and IED Training Course projects, MCC was able to leverage its many lessons learned and turn them into success stories and completed projects through Iraq. The project activities consisted of cleaning and preparation of a site measuring approximately 150 meters x 107 meters and construction of a one floor building measuring approximately 32 meters x 17 meters. Located on this site is a driving track consisting of asphalt and dirt segments and incorporating components that simulate city, rural and highway roads; construction and provisioning a one floor building to simulate an Iraqi Police Station to include installation of exterior force protection. Installation and integration of all power generation performed with power and electronic systems/components for the site ensuring that all are functional.