Construct/Renovate FOB Charlie






Hilla, Iraq


All labor, equipment, materials, security, housing, travel, testing, inspection, and permits required to perform the assessment, work planning, construction, demolition, repair, operation and maintenance, inspection, and supervision necessary to complete the work. This highly successful project, located in Hilla includes major base renovations and new construction. A large part of the success was the ability to leverage relationships with Iraqi construction companies and received highly competitive bids from very reputable firms.

Implementing construction phasing was necessary to accommodate the Iraqi Police personnel living on base during the construction process. The renovation activities consisted of seven barrack buildings and one latrine building. New construction consist of the constructing a fuel point, guard towers, maintenance building, DFAC for 750, power distribution network, storm water management, water network and wastewater network for 1500 Iraqi Police personnel. Rebuilding this base for the Iraqi Police was performed in two segments. Phase I, was an effort to complete at least two barracks, maintenance building and DFAC in preparation to move the remaining Iraqi Police force to the newly renovated barracks while renovating the remaining barracks. Phase II, was the completion of the fuel point, guard towers, remaining barrack buildings, power distribution, water distribution, wastewater distribution, roads, area lighting and site grading. Construct water supply facilities and provide connections and a receptive infrastructure for a permanent water system. Contractor shall explore and present possibilities of using reverse osmosis water purification system and or standard water treatment process. Construct a Sewer Collection System to be attached to the permanent Sanitary Sewer System. Construct an Electrical Power Generation Plant to be attached to the permanent electrical power grid. Plan the electrical system in a “prime power” loop so that the base runs off of one set of generators that can be maintained within industry standard load curves. Key installations can also have backup generators. Electrical generation system will also have fuel storage and distribution for a minimum of 48 hours of uninterrupted operation, to include all tanks, pumps, valves and piping for a complete and total system. Plan and construct a road network to match existing conditions. Roads shall be a minimum of class B compacted sub base. Plan and construct electrical street light and motor pool lighting system.